AgVerdict combines field-specific data with our agronomists' knowledge for a strategic decision-making toolkit to maximize our customers' return on investment.


Driven by our Customers' Needs

We’ve done our research. With extensive interviews, field visits and technology partner strategy meetings, AgVerdict has been built to serve our customers’ needs. A comprehensive Precision Ag tool, AgVerdict ultimately brings data from multiple sources together as practical information for our customers.

Easy to Use

AgVerdict is easy to use and customizable to fit your needs. AgVerdict stores information on a cloud-based system for easy access from a mobile device or a PC. The user-friendly software utilizes GPS tracking, comprehensive mapping, input usage per field, performance monitoring, record keeping, year after year data storage, and much more!


You Own Your Own Data

Data from AgVerdict can be exported, by the grower, for electronic or print submissions to various GAP programs, end-users or when required by regulation.

The security of our users' data is always our top priority. Wilbur-Ellis will never release customer data to a third party, and we constantly monitor risks so you can feel safe knowing your data in AgVerdict remains confidential.

Strategic decision-making

AgVerdict is focused on our customers needs. Designed to integrate other systems' data and customer knowledge, AgVerdict will aid in managing inputs, making quick, in-season decisions and organizing daily business tasks while improving grower profitability.

AgVerdict enables our customers to predict potential problems before they become critical, and can justify decisions to help manage and mitigate risk. With such widespread data, a producer is able to make decisions to enhance their production, increase their return and maximize revenue opportunities.

Combining a broad use, integrated, comprehensive and mobile software which will prove indispensable to the success of your operation.

AgVerdict really helps keep things organized It helps with the spray records, being able to link things together, to send out what reports and work orders and your PURs that you are doing. Makes everything really simple.
— Daniel Bair, Grower in Idaho
“AgVerdict has all [the] right stuff at your fingertips...”

AgVerdict integrates other systems' and grower data with reporting, field recommendations and regulatory compliance to provide an easy-to-use mobile planning tool enabling our field representatives to communicate with customers in a way they can feel safe using.

Wilbur-Ellis adds Planet Labs imagery to AgVerdict software
— AgProfessional, February 2015

Wilbur-Ellis Company has reached an agreement with Planet Labs to bring satellite imagery to the AgVerdict software platform, Wilbur-Ellis' technology in agricultural data usage. This enhancement will significantly improve the delivery of satellite imagery to a grower, making the data available in a matter of minutes rather than days


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